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100% Accountability - ZERO RED TAPE
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CAN-DO’s Veterans Watch program employs our nation’s best to provide unparalleled assistance to those in need. Veterans Watch is a highly mobile and uniquely equipped group composed of military veterans that provide immediate and direct support to survivors of disasters and aid in humanitarian missions. We employ veterans because they are experts in providing immediate aid to devastated communities. They are uniquely suited to exist in austere environments and function under the most difficult circumstances. In the field, nobody is calmer under pressure or better prepared to focus their energy and experience on bringing order to the chaos and safety to citizens. CAN-DO’s Veterans Watch program also provides an opportunity to give veterans a community and clear purposeful missions. They once again find themselves on the front lines, only this time in communities after disasters and with a clear focus on helping others and rebuilding lives. This revolutionary approach to disaster relief not only makes communities in need stronger, but with your donations helping pay their salaries, our veterans regain their sense of purpose.



Many communities are in need of assistance and simply don’t have the money or resources available to them to create change. Revitalization projects in the United States and around the world is an essential component of CAN-DO’s approach. We believe that local residents are best suited to define their own needs and development goals. We also know how important it is to provide jobs for people in a community recovering from a disaster and to communities that are quite often overlooked. Our projects are designed to create jobs for local residents and increase community involvement and investment. That’s why we hire locals to work each project alongside the CAN-DO team.



From natural disasters to humanitarian crises, CAN-DO is committed to providing critical aid to communities who need it most in a timely and transparent manner. We are not tied down by politics or bureaucracy and we do not delay delivery of life-saving resources getting caught up in the red tape. We are dedicated to providing lasting, self-sustainable solutions for people facing some of the world’s most critical problems. We pride ourselves on providing donors access to virtually monitor the impact their money is making in real-time. We go anywhere in the world, and do whatever it takes, to get the job done.



CAN-DO has a proven track record of cutting through the inefficient bureaucracy that often stalls relief efforts after a disaster strikes. Within 24 to 72 hours, CAN-DO’s mobile response team – which includes U.S. Military veterans trained for crisis situations – is dispatched to the hardest hit areas for a full assessment of the needs. We immediately disseminate information and bring in our field team to start distributing life-saving supplies and aid. The CAN-DO team coordinates in real time with donors to raise money and goods specific to the area we are in. Since no two disaster situations are the same, this method dramatically reduces the waste of donated goods. We listen to the needs of the local people impacted to target the aid we provide to them specifically. We use GPS mapping technology to identify the locations of other relief groups working on the ground. Armed with this information, we’re able to mobilize our team and set up a POD (point of distribution) station in the areas where aid has not yet been available. This approach maximizes efficiency, reduces duplication of aid and allows our team to rapidly clean debris as well as distribute food, water, and medical supplies to the areas that need it most.



CAN-DO was started out of frustration seeing many large non-profit organizations take in donations but rarely showing hardcore results. and transparency is essential for relief work, and a core value for our organization. That’s why all CAN-DO projects are thoroughly documented by our teams in the field and shared in real time via social media, and our blog. Our supporters also have the opportunity to “join” our team on the front line as a virtual volunteer. CAN-DO’s virtual volunteer program is the first online video streams where donors can watch our relief efforts LIVE, directly interact with us on the ground and witness firsthand how their money is being used. This ensures accountability and full transparency. We also video document our projects from beginning to end, and post completion videos on our website. We provide this direct access donor experience so our supporters, and the communities we serve, never have to wonder how we are spending money, or what results they can expect from the CAN-DO team.



Animals are often forgotten about after a disaster hits and area. CAN-DO works with one no-kill shelter at a time to facilitate the rescue and transport of animals from crisis situations and temporary shelters. The criteria that we use is very specific and is required to insure that these animals are not exploited and used for financial gain or laboratory research. We photograph each animal and email photos to rescue and adoption programs across the country. After getting written or verbal confirmation from individual families or no-kill shelters for each animal assuring they could be placed, we start the transport. After checking the animals for fleas, tics and overall health, the placed animals are given shots and loaded into our rolling animal transport vehicles and delivered to their new safe homes.