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Disaster in America:
A Town Without Water

East Porterville, California is just a 3-hour drive from Los Angeles. And for the past year and half, residents in this community have lived without running water in their homes. More than 5,000 people are impacted - including elderly, war veterans and families with young children and disabilities. This is a humanitarian crisis in our own backyard. These families don’t deserve to wait another day. The CAN-DO team is committed to providing immediate relief to the families in East Porterville. Click below to learn more about the disaster and CAN-DO’s action plan to provide relief.

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CAN-DO provides a money-back guarantee on all donations. Every dollar counts. And to ensure donors know exactly how their money is being spent, they’re provided access to project progress reports and videos in real-time.

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CAN-DO has a proven track record of cutting through the inefficient bureaucracy that often stalls relief efforts after a disaster strikes. Their unique approach, which includes hiring locals, produces rapid results distributing food, water, medical supplies and debris clean-up.

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Sustainable recovery and revitalization is an essential component of CAN-DO’s approach. We listen to the needs of the local community and develop projects that deliver immediate yet sustainable solutions. This approach empowers residents and provides the best possible solution for long-term success.

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CAN-DO’s Veterans Watch team employs military veterans to provide immediate and direct support to survivors of disasters & aid in humanitarian missions around the world.

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CAN-DO teams with no-kill shelters around the country to facilitate the rescue and transport of animals from crisis situations and temporary shelters.

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