2007 UPDATE...

CAN-DO is currently planning our next major initiatives.
Our ambition is to revisit two regions where we feel that CAN-DO
resources can be instrumental in improving the daily lives of hundreds.
A return trip to Sri Lanka in the fall will see the completion of
several recovery projects in Galle, and surrounding villages, initially implemented in
2005 after Tsunami.

This summer, we hope to travel to Africa, to asses the situation in
Chad, and establish a relationship with relief groups working in Darfur-
neigboring Sudan. It is our eventual goal to become a pipeline, providing consistent
resources, financial and materiel to both regions.

Additionally, Bob Putnam of CAN-DO has returned to the Gulf Coast
to assess our future role there, and also, to aid in the Pearlinton, MS
recovery project.

We will have more details and up to date information on all of CAN-
Do’s 2007 projects soon….

Please check back in to see how you can help, by becoming a member of
V-Nation, the CAN-DO
Volunteer Network.

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