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Archive for July 2006

Dog transport budget.... we could use some help with this!

Budget for 300+ dog transport. (3 seperate transports)

van rental -(3) at $800.00 each =$2400
gas- $3 per/gal @ 16mpg x 3000 miles =562.50 per van =$1687.50
capstar&frontline plus $9 per dog 300dogs =$2700.00
health certificates $10 per animal =$3000.00
incidentials ie water, ice, =$500.00
emergency vet $300.00 per transport =$900.00

Grand total for transporting 300 dogs =$11,187.50

This month over 300+ dogs being transported to NO-KILL shelters

This month, CAN-DO, along with Tripple R Rescue will be transporting over 300+ dogs out of the Gulf Coast to no kill shelters around the US….we need help with donations to carry this out… keeping with our philosophy we will document how every dime is spent and the results of your compassion…. a detailed budget plan on this project will be posted this week… if you can’t donate please just help us spread the word. We have been told that if we do not carry out this transport the dogs will be euthanized, we are not trying to be dramatic here but this is the reality of the situation and we need help. Read more

Letter from the field...

“We nearly finished the rebuild on this home when Grace passed away one Friday night. So many of the elderly are dying of ‘broken hearts’ as they wait to get back intotheir homes. The frustrations of ‘wating’ and getting no definitive answers are creating even more deppresion and the suicide rate is alarming. We need more folks down here more than ever. We need as much rebuilding happening as we do deconstruction. Any support is greatly appreciated. If you know of anyone with skills to rebuild, strongly encourage them to come down. Read more