CAN-DO Dispatch from Haiti

FB Update from CAN-DO’s Eric Klein:

Ok, ready for this?! …can’t make this sh*t up!! Been on the ground in Haiti for the past week+ (more details on the project at the end for those interested). BUT the real purpose of this post is to fill you in on some effed up intel we were tipped off on since being on the ground! Let me preface it by saying I know people are sick of hearing about Haiti—especially with all the madness going on right here at home. But being on the ground here, I owe it to Haitians(who continued to get screwed) and YOU — the donors around the world who collectively sent *billions* of dollars out here after the earthquake — to speak up (again). LAST WEEK some local leaders reached out to us on the ground bringing overwhelming evidence of 1 particular large American-run organization doing some REALLY unfathomable and corrupt things in Haiti. And let me tell you – this particular org is not a small non-profit. Just last year, they racked in $300+ million in donations & goods from Americans specifically earmarked to help Haitians. By their own public records, it’s unaccounted for. Stay tuned for more on this story… but just know that last week we confronted this organization face to face in Haiti. Their name shall remain anonymous (for now) until myself and my team (in coordination with local leaders) finish our investigation on these crooks and keep them accountable to not only their donors, but to the Haitian people who they continue to profit off of. This organization blasts one thing on their website, but on the ground, it is a TOTALLY different story. I’m beyond sick of it. YOU should be sick of it. And just imagine how the Haitians feel!??— God forbid they or anyone else tries to speak up…they’ll get bullied, discredited and retaliated against!! —And I would challenge ANYBODY that works for, supports or donates to any of these big-box organizations in Haiti to show me one ounce of evidence of results that even remotely match up with the money brought in. Saying all this, my goal is NOT to discourage anyone form giving/donating. There *are* many trustworthy organizations out there that are accountable to their donors and do really great work on the ground. So if you’re going to donate — just do your homework… don’t be fooled by the usual suspects (i.e.: Red Cross etc). They’ll continue ripping us all off if we continue to give them a pass, not to mention your hard earned money. [And for those curious about the project we just wrapped up… We did food distribution as well as outfitted an orphanage with a new water well, electric pump and installed a water filtration system. What’s awesome about the water filter company we used is they’re locally based and every 6 months they’ll go to the orphanage to change the filter and make sure it continues to provide safe drinkable water for the kids for years to come. And the SUPER cool part? —it only cost a few thousand bucks to do this.