Superstorm Sandy - Mold Assessment

In this CAN-DO assessment video, we highlight how the residence in NY and NJ are not getting the correct information on mold remediation. It resulted in residents getting sick rashes, cough, allergies, and infections.

It set-up an educational hub where residents could come and learn about proper mold remediation and heath dangers of not properly removing the toxic mold in their homes from the storm. We discovered hundreds of families were already experiencing side effects from the mold but didn’t know the proper steps to remediate the mold. CAN-DO helped negotiate discounted rates for residents from reputable mold remediation companies in the area as well as advocated for residents negotiated with insurance companies to remove the mold. We were fortunate to partner with Gerritson Beach Cares to identify some of the “worse case scenario” families impacted by the mold and help provide immediate relief to these families by cleaning their homes which included replacing sheet rock and insulation of air filter systems.