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Archive for May 2007

Whats next...?!

May 9th, 2007- USA… from survivor to victim…enough is enough.


CAN-DO is looking for funding to complete our three projects listed above. We would be grateful if people reading this would write in on our behalf and submit one of our projects to, a “positive impact” campaign sponsored by American Express.
Thank you!

30 Minute Freedom


Have you seen this video…

: INVISIBLE CHILDREN (55 minutes) film exposes the effects of a 20 year-long war on the children of Northern Uganda. … hildren%22

This is my basic info about the project: Read more


Even though he is a part of the CAN-DO team, we would like to say special THANK YOU to Erik Summers at for donating his time and services to the CAN-DO Organization and providing us with quick and professional web hosting through out the years.
Thanks Erik, we really appreciate all u do!

Animal situation...

Here we are 20 months after the storm, and animal issues are still being addressed. BucksMont Katrina Animal Project has made a formal proposal to Hancock county Board of Supervisors, to construct a 1.5 million dollar shelter for domestic animals, that will include spay and neuter facility, adoption education, and eventually a transporting initiative so that these healthy animals get the chance to live long, healthy lives. Once a suitable site is chosen, construction will begin. Read more