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Archive for January 2010


$250 dollars puts 1200gallons of fresh purified drinking water on the street that day-
CAN-DO worked out a deal with MILO water, a Haitian based company- Where they will be supplying us with fresh water, trucks and drivers – The more you send the more we can distribute- Each day, CAN-DO will post a video and ALL receipts of ALL transactions, so you at home can SEE the impact YOU are making here in Haiti in REAL-TIME… without any “RED TAPE”

Update on the two Children... (Help is Appreciated)

Hi guys, quick update on the kids, I don’t want to drop the kids off at a random house until we can make sure there is food and they will be secure so we feel better keeping them with us for another day- with the hotel and food costs it will be 210.00 and all receipts will be documented, any help is greatly apprecieated. – thx! ek

UPDATE FROM THE FIELD- January 30, 2010

We just finished our last drop of the day- we started at the “House of the Patient” Orphanage and right across the street was a 2nd orphanage- so we dropped aprxtly 600 gallons of water between the two. Both of these orphanages have seen no water, food etc since the quake- we then did 2 more drops in Calrfoufeille- same situation everywhere- nothing getting out to the people- video updates coming soon-thx! Ek

Water Distributed TODAY thanks to YOU (1200 Gallons, 4 Locations)

Here is the water truck you guys put on the street today!
$250 bucks = 1200 gallons distributed to 4 locations!
nice work!

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