After living and working in these small villages among these amazing people I can honestly tell you that not enough is being done by the government, the NGO?s or to make a difference. With just $50,000 dollars CAN-DO has rehabilitated several villages, a hospital, built a community well, cleared over a one mile strip of coastline, cleared several cesspools, jump-started several small businesses, and restored the lives of hundreds in less than three months.

That?s right, just $50,000 (my savings and the help of friends & family). Not so incredible when you look at the exchange rate- one American dollar is equivalent (or close to) one hundred rupee?s. Think about that?

Imagine what could be accomplished with the BILLIONS pledged to date!

Instead of focusing on the negative CAN-DO’s goal is to move forward and create something positive and with your help we CAN and WILL accomplish great things…

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