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Hurricane Harvey: Update from Rose City

A lot of you have asked about “D” – the woman that CAN-DO helped in Rose City, TX last weekend after we were alerted she had been sleeping outside on a tarp since the storm. We’ve been in regular communication & continue to drop supplies. She’s hanging in there given the tough circumstances. Update on her & our Rose City operation in the video. Volunteers still needed to help at the distribution site/command center — contact us: INFO@CAN-DO.ORG  ? THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT.  #hurricaneharvey #accountability #noredtape #texasstrong

Hurricane Harvey: Update from Rose City distribution center

Update from Rose City -thanks to you guys, supplies are rolling in but we’re short on volunteers. Details in video. Best way to reach our CAN-DO.ORG team is by emailing us at: INFO@CAN-DO.ORG. Thank you!!! Please continue to share – it’s the ONLY way we’re going to get this done. ? #hurricaneharvey #noredtape #accountability #texasstrong

Hurricane Harvey: Update from Rose City

Update on CAN-DO’s progress in Rose City, Texas.  A great way to move resources in a community is to deputize the locals — they know their neighbors and are eager to help distribute door to door. It’s a simple yet essential part of actually getting the product out. Thank you to the amazing community and officials here in Rose City and thank you to our network of supporters & other grass roots organizations for the immediate response to our call for action here in Rose City and other communities here who have not yet seen aid. Anyone looking to reach Eric Klein & our CAN-DO Team to coordinate resources, please email us at INFO@CAN-DO.ORG.



Hurricane Harvey has devastated Texas, and is now headed to Louisiana. CAN-DO.ORG currently has locals on the ground aiding with water rescues and we are in the planning stages for setting up recovery projects and a CRC/Distro center for clean-up supplies/essential items for the residents as the water subsides. ***As many of you know, the real critical need for these residents is going to come AFTER the water goes down (and the news trucks go away).*** This happens time after time for communities in need after natural disasters. The big-box Orgs (ie: Red Cross etc) get the bulk of the early donations and the Gov. contracts but when the time comes for that money to actually help the residents, it seems to disappear or never make it to the people who need it most. With your support, CAN-DO.ORG will come in when it matters most and make the biggest impact we can for families in Texas. And in true CAN-DO fashion, we’ll document our progress, use ALL of the funds raised for the project itself and all donations to CAN-DO.ORG come with a 100% money-back guarantee. 100% Accountability – ZERO Red Tape.