(NEW YORK , NY ) – founder Eric Klein received the Airline Ambassador’s “Global Compassion Award” in a ceremony held at the United Nations headquarters. The award, presented by famed NBC journalist and philanthropist Ann Curry, was in recognition of Klein’s international disaster relief efforts and achievements in humanitarian aid.

The event was hosted by Airline Ambassadors, an international philanthropic organization, comprised of volunteers from the airline industry who use their travel privileges to help those in need.

As a first in the United Nation’s history, the event was broadcasted LIVE over the Internet via, CAN -DO’s interactive real-time video website.

Over 350 supporters and dignitaries -including UN Secretary General Ban-Ki moon- attended the event. In an emotional speech, Klein emphasized the importance of accountability and cooperation in the relief field.

“I would not being doing justice to the survivors of disasters whom I serve and who fall victim every day to the system, if I did not bring attention to the issue of accountability,” Klein said. He stressed the imperative to hold large NGO’s and relief organizations responsible for each donation collected and distributed.

Announcing CAN-DO’s partnership with Airline Ambassador’s, Klein underlined the importance for individuals and organizations to work together to create a maximum impact. “By uniting, collaborating and supporting one another we can expand our efforts globally. We can show that not only can one person make a difference in this world, but by many people and organizations joining together we change it.”

CAN-DO and are quickly becoming recognized by the public and governmental forums as a transparent, “no-nonsense” organization that achieves measurable results with a lasting impact in disaster stricken areas across the globe.

As a result of Klein’s powerful speech and relief experience, Klein has been invited back to the United Nations to speak about accountability at a future conference.

CAN-DO is a registered 501©3 non-profit organization. Our team provides critical humanitarian relief to communities most impacted by economic hardship and natural disaster. CAN-DO has coordinated immediate emergency relief missions in the Gulf Coast, Iowa, Sri Lanka, and Africa. CAN-DO has distributed critical aid and is currently coordinating educational enrichment and alternative energy projects to benefit the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota. Our hands-on approach is revolutionizing the relief industry and leading the movement to create sustainable social change.

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