FULL TEXT FROM FB POST: Hey guys – so a cool thing happened last night I wanted to share with everybody — I got a call from a woman named Kerryanna who told us about her family member in Puerto Rico who was not going to make it without getting medication. She told us that Jose (a US military Vet) probably would not live through the night without his insulin and we were also told that he and his wife Debra (also a diabetic) haven’t had food or clean water since the hurricane – they’ve been drinking the rainwater off their roof!! Thanks to the quick action & help from Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Danielle Dellorto, Eddie Stutz and Michelle Rosa… we were able to get this life-saving medication to them within 3 hours of that phone call as well as food and water. A big shout out to all involved!! This also really puts things in perspective as far as the way disaster relief and recovery operations are failing in our country. We need to hold these agencies and NGOs who are in charge accountable because unfortunately this is not just happening in Puerto Rico… 7 weeks later here in Texas there are similar case like this happening all over. For what it’s worth: Jose & Debra live in a town about an hour outside of San Juan…the roads were clear and Michelle & Ed had no problem driving the supplies to them. #accountability #NoRedTape CAN-DO.ORG

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