Can-do's current plan...

Can-do is currently in the process of putting together a proposal outlining the creation of Temporary Turn-key Communities which we feel are necessary for various communities that have been affected by the Hurricane Katrina. These communities will provide all the necessary civil services for day-to-day life as relief and reconstruction efforts progress into the future. Beyond civil services, these communities will host job fairs, seminars, workshops, trade training opportunities and other services to help individuals address their employment situations and look ahead toward sustaining their future. This proposal will also include a medical facility with access to vaccinations, children’s recreation center and library, and a communication center with internet access for registration purposes. It will be a safe and secure environment designed to accommodate and help those with temporary needs and more. This is just one of the plans that is currently being worked on by Can-do. In addition to helping the victims now, Eric is also in constant contact with government officials (local, state, and federal) to get this proposal approved and started as soon as possible.

Eric wants to let everyone know that Can-do is working to get 10 things done at once now rather than to wait and see what happens next. Can-do is moving as fast, responsible, and as efficient as possible to get things done ~ Keeping in mind that this will have to be a combined effort from those who are willing to put forth a responsible and compassionate approach to a much needed solution.

More to come…

Entry by Gely D. (as dictated by EK)

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