4:15am -pouring rain here-first serious rain fall we have had here in Haiti- u got hundreds of thousands of people sleeping under cardboard and sheets- just walked down the street to a one of the tent villages to check it out and it is by far one of the craziest things I have ever seen- I know a lot of people r past the Haiti quake but nothing has changed out here since Jan 12th – it actually got a whole hell of a lot worse- don’t mean to be a “debie downer” just want people to know just because the cameras pulled out doesn’t mean things r getting back to normal-
1-month later and not only is there no tents/shelter out here but there is little to no food or water getting out either- anyway, sorry guys needed to let people knw that haitian living out there living in those camps, new borns, elderly, people that were just released frm the hospital etc, etc are in hell rt now-and its been raining for 7hrs straight-

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