CAN-DO- Provides Hope through Breakthrough Housing in Haiti: A transformational collaboration
between CAN-DO, Creative Composite Solutions (CCS) and local Haitians.
Thanks to an in kind donation from Creative Composite Solutions (CCS) and a generous donor,
Compassion into Action Network-Direct Outcome Relief Organization (CAN-DO), CCS and a team of
employed Haitians erected the first earthquake, hurricane and water resistant structure of its kind built in
Haiti since the 7.0 earthquake on January 12, 2010. The building was erected on a supportive platform
built and provided by Architecture for Humanity, and took just 72 hours to construct.

Six months after the big quake hit, tarps and cardboard boxes are still the only shelter most Haitians
have access to. With hurricane season already underway it is likely to feed into the already exacerbated
problem. As part of its mission, CAN-DO, is working to bring environmentally friendly, prefabricated
housing to Haiti that can provide, not only permanent shelter to Haitians, but be strong enough to
withstand the harsh elements Haiti is exposed to. The structure is now the “J/P HRO Women’s Clinic”
and is already in use. It is a breakthrough for Haitians in their search for hope and better health in their
everyday struggle to build a new life.

Francis Meram of CCS said “CAN-DO was the perfect organization to partner with on our first project
in Haiti. They had proven experience on the ground and due to their small size and “Without the
Red Tape” attitude they were able to quickly and effectively handle the in country coordination and
preparation to ensure a successful project despite all the adversity that can be faced currently in Haiti.”

With its partners, CAN-DO plans to train and employ local Haitians to manage the process of building
these structures to be used as homes and community centers, like the Women’s Center, throughout
Haiti. As Eric Klein, founder of CAN-DO stated, “We want to leave Haiti with solutions that are fully
functional with Haitians being 99% of the labor force – from upper management to skilled laborers. This
needs to be a sustainable and economical process for them.”

The new skills and equipment this project brings, along with the capability to erect these structures in
as little as a few days has brought about an empowering moment to the Haitian people. Klein says, “It’s
been 6 months since the earthquake. When you look at the amount of money that has come in to Haiti and
then look at the results, the two just don’t add up. All donors need to start holding these organizations
accountable and start to demand results. No more excuses.” CAN-DO along with it’s many partners will
continue to work with the Haitians to assist with the process in helping them get back on their feet again.
Watch the amazing video of the structure going up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3TrRF6TwUk

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