Hurricane Gustos- Pearlington, MS - Update From the Field

A brief update from Hattiesburg, MS. The Stennis Space Center is where many Pearlington residents took refuge during Katrina.

Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008 5:07 PM

Winds and rain have picked up again and I want to unplug my computer in case we lose electricity. 100 homes in Pearlington flooded and a tornado touched down near Stennis Space Center. Of course, Pearlington is just a few miles from the Center so I don’t know yet where it touched down. I’ll wait until the storm has moved out of our area before I call Dallas. I don’t know when she’ll go back, but she could tell us how the community center withstood the hurricane. I-90 was covered with water from Biloxi through Hancock County. I don’t know how much of our local news you can get so I’ll try to keep you updated. We are still under a tornado watch.

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