Letter from the field....Iowa Floods

From: Shirley
Email: xxx
LogDate: June 21st, 2008
Message: “I am very thankfull for the donations. Cedar Rapids, Iowa needs help also. I will tell you some of the problems here. People have to stand outside in the sun for 8 hrs to register for assistencs . They are taking only 200 people a day at this site. I am unaware of wheather or not there are more then one place set up to this. Why is this outside and not in a building or in the mall or somewhere that the people can have some shelter. Yesterday I saw an elderly lady on the news cry. She waited all day in line and when she got to the front of the line they stoped for the day. Why coulden\’t they count out 200 people and send the rest home? Why are these poor people made to suffer more then they already have. Another problem is that the grabage from the flood has not been picked up. We are now One big garbage dump. The streets are lined with garbage. It is not only unhealthy for this stuff to sit there and forment but I is
very stinky. Some of the shelters have been closed, so some people have no other choice but to go back to their stinky homes. How they can do that I don\’t know. Our cabin was submurged under flood water and It is a total loss. I am thankfull for all the water and cleaning kits that were delivered here amound other things. We fell short in getting these things to the elderly and disabled but we are gratefull. There should have been more places set up for tetnis shots and to pass out masks to the people that are cleaning up.
Thank you”

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