Letter from the Field

From: Keshia Ball
Email: keshiaxxx
LogDate: June 24th, 2008
Message: Hey, I am sure this message won\’t go directly to Eric Klein, but I just wanted to let him know how much I look up to him. I just saw his picture in The Hawkeye where he was helping out a town, Oakville, just miles away from my house. It really touched my heart to see that Eric Klein was helping out the little town of Oakville, not to mention I kind of freaked out knowing that someone I admire was so close to me! I watched Eric on \”Oprah\’s Big Give\” & he was instantly my favorite. He has such a huge heart and has really inspired me to help out whenever possible. Keep up the amazing work Eric & the CAN-DO organization! You all are so amazing! I hope one day I can start or be part of a wonderful organization like CAN-DO.
-Keshia, Mediapolis, Iowa

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