On September 30th CAN-DO will begin Project Bless A Child.

After the January 2010 earthquake, the Bless A Child Children’s Orphanage suffered structural damage, a decrease in support and an increase in orphans.

Located 15 miles outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti, Bless A Child is home to 30+ orphans. Jean Alexandre, founder of Bless A Child, works tirelessly and does the very best he can with extremely limited resources. The kids, ages 4-14, are happy with very little and have welcomed the additional orphans placed at Bless a Child with open arms. The feeling we got during our visits were that this orphanage operates very much like a family unit and that with some help from the CAN-DO Team and our donors we will be able to make a huge impact in the day to day quality of life for these children.

Our goal is to fix the 5 x 6 hole in the roof, complete some patchwork on the building, rebuild the south wall where the rain comes through and security is an issue, finish the walls, paint, work to make the kitchen and bathroom more functional and resurface the unfinished floors. CAN-DO will also provide much needed furniture items and food to the orphanage.
In addition to the above mentioned items, CAN-DO will complete a water well to provide an ongoing source of clean water, plant a garden to provide fresh vegetables and implement programs for the kids.

The CAN-DO Team will work alongside locally hired Haitian labor including; electricians, masons, plumbers, painters and other support staff. The majority of the supplies needed to complete the project will also be purchased in Haiti.

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