“What CAN-DO is doing is incredible and is the right way. In the past, there have been people who have come to here to help, but have had ulterior motives, and nothing ever came of it. They solicited funds on our behalf and nothing ever came of it. CAN-DO is coming here and working beside us. They have given us a voice we’ve never had before. That is one of the most important things.

I have no words for what Eric Klein and CAN-DO have helped us do. Myself and like-minded people here have prayed and prayed for someone to come and Eric Klein came.

What I can see in the future is a beautiful community where people have their pride, respect and dignity. Where we can regain our culture, tradition, language, and old way of life. All that is going to come back to us. I can see self-reliance again.

It took awhile for us to trust Eric because of people who have come here in the past. We prayed on it and were told that Eric is the man who will help us.”

Peter Lengkeek, Crow Creek Tribal Member/US Marine

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