As we reach deeper into communities with relief supplies and set up
distribution sites it is hard to overcome our frustration. Americans
have become refugees in their own towns. People are suffering due to the lack of communication, as well as the cold weather.
With the uplifting support of the folks at The North Face, we remain
positive and work in conjunction with many agencies and organizations to
effectively obtain the resources we need to accomplish our goals
on the ground. CAN-DO’s main focus includes:

*Identify and triage the most dire need and report them to FEMA and the DRC
*Continue to set up and maintain distribution sites throughout the Gulf Coast.
*Networking with other organizations to assure that adequate relief is
reaching effected areas that have yet to receive AID.
*Bring awareness to areas that have been simply overlooked or forgotten.
*Move forward with our executive proposal to create CRC’s, (community
(revitalization centers),

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