Letter from the field- PLEA FOR DRINKING WATER! Pearlinton, Mississippi:
Bob Putnam

For the past 3 months every meeting that I’ve been to for unmet needs, I bring up the issue of bottled water. In Pearlington, all the residents are on well water. The well water is very cloudy and may or may not be contaminated. Many residents come to the distribution center looking for bottled water because they are afraid of the water coming out of the tap. There has been a dysentery going around through out the volunteer camps and the residents alike, the dept. of health think that part of the problem is the consumption of well water. This should not be issue 10 months later… what the hell is going on?!
Another reason for water is because the volunteers are dropping like flies from the lack of hydration. Bottle water would curb some of the heat stroke that we have been experiencing. Many of the faith based organizations here and throughout the gulf coast refuse to drink the canned water that is here because they feel that they are promoting the alcohol industry. Canned water is being provided by Budweiser. We need bottled water and we need now!”

This is not only frustrating for the residents and the volunteers but it is RIDICULOUS that in the United States, with all are resources, we can’t get clean drinking water to these people…

Unfortunately, this is not just one isolated case. Ten months into this and we are still dealing with serious problems that are going unresolved and falling on deaf ears. Between the constant mismanagement of funds and the lack of media presence, we, along with the survivors, the volunteers and other organizations that have remained it is overwhelming. CAN-DO makes it a point not to sit back and complain or point fingers but if the media, like CNN, could pull themselves away from New Orleans and show that there are hundreds of other towns and parishes that are suffering like hell, then maybe the rest of the public wouldn’t be so in the dark!

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