Letter from the field...

“We nearly finished the rebuild on this home when Grace passed away one Friday night. So many of the elderly are dying of ‘broken hearts’ as they wait to get back intotheir homes. The frustrations of ‘wating’ and getting no definitive answers are creating even more deppresion and the suicide rate is alarming. We need more folks down here more than ever. We need as much rebuilding happening as we do deconstruction. Any support is greatly appreciated. If you know of anyone with skills to rebuild, strongly encourage them to come down. Working for pay is acceptable if fees are resonable–so much gouging going on here. These families are desporate at this point. How do you raise children in those FEMA trailers–in front of their homes or worse, in the ‘FEMA Parks’. I am asking for any support you can give. 90,000 square miles hit by this Storm. More than 1.5 million lifes effected. These folks need to get back some level of normalacy to their lives. In Peace and Caring, Niki”

Thanks Niki, keep up the good work!!!

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