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Archive for January 2010

Haiti Update - January 27, 2010

We just left General Hospital and distributed some MUCH needed medical supplies- thanks to Sidney Torres and the CAN-DO Team back in the states- the hospital is having several births a day and a lot of the supply was ironically exactly what they were needing!! So they were very ecstatic when we rolled in with our truck – we divided the remaining supply inventory into 1/3 and will be dropping a two other locations- please keep those supplies coming and we will continue to get them on streets and in the hospitals- Will keep u posted- and should have some vids out tonight to show the impact u guys are all making here in Haiti- thx u!! ek

Update- From the Field- JANUARY 26, 2010 :

heading back to General Hospital(HUEH) and Hospital De La Comminaule (the hospital near the old folks home) – continuing to drop supplies from yesterday’s plane delivery of medical supplies- Thank you Sidney! Also, thank you North Face for your donations and everyone else that has been supporting Project Haiti-

UPDATE FROM THE FIELD, JANUARY 21, 2010 (Day 5) (Cont)

Eric wanted us to let you know that he wants to personally thank RON and MARLYS BOEHM for their very generous donation and for facilitating a donation for 30,000 gallons of diesel fuel( approx. $200,000.00) by an ANONYMOUS donor. He is on his way to do a night water drop with no security. He says the streets are safe, the people are organized, gracious and happy to see us, despite what the media is saying, they are just tired and hungry. NGO’s are not stepping up to the plate. Thank you guys for all your support, it truly is what keeps him going. THE CAN-DO TEAM


Just got back to home base-will be at it again tmrw- thx you, u guys for all ur support! I get every fb coment the second it posts while I’m out here in the field and it is ur support that is really keep me going – so thank u so much! Keep the positive energy coming and I will have video up very soon- everything I am updating u guys about and posting I am documenting… so u will be seeing the videos which I will start posting daily so u can see ur donations and support at work- thx again guys!!
Ps…..she is still in labor… Before I left for the night I have to change out the batteries and re-duct tape the flashlights in the trees so the doctors could continue to work on her…. Think about that…they r delivering babies and operating with flash lights… Goodnight.

Haiti Update January 21, 2010 (Day 5)

Eric will not be able to complete the video update due to ANOTHER aftershock!!! He will get it up as soon possible. We will keep you updated with any further news. THE CAN-DO TEAM