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Archive for January 2010

Haiti - From the Field -JANUARY 21, 2010 - (Day 5) (Cont)

Besides the NGO’s being non existent out here-the trouble is diesel(gas) to power the trucks (which we now have over 20+) Today, we put the word out and after some networking we just got 30,000 gallons of diesel donated!! This will keep us in operation and our trucks on the streets for over a month, maybe two months, doing supply drops, water drops and medical drops to the hospitals(got 2 tmrw-General Hospital and Kings Hospital) Starting tmrw we should be fully operational- we will also be pushing out 100,000g of purified water a day with a Haitian run water company out here- I supply the diesel he supplies the water- today was a good day! We r heading out right now to a night water drop of 30,000gallons + to a camp by the capital that have yet to receive anything in 10days-NGO’s NEED to start stepping up!!! Will keep u post-thx u! ek

UPDATE-JANUARY 20, 2010 (Day 4)

We woke up to the house rocking, woke to a 6.1 aftershock that shook us out of bed and into the streets- lost 50 ft of my wall to my base camp- Outside plaza now, CNN and other journalists jumped from 2nd story – one in very serious condition- they r working on him now- currently I am doing ground assessments and setting up logistics for distribution- partnered w a Haitian based water co. -we r working on fuel to pump out 100,000 gallons a day – need more diesel! – I supply the gas for the trucks they give free purified water – great system- we have disto’ed 60,000 today and yesterday- working on gas now -trucking it in from Dominican rep-have not seen one red cross vehicle, world vision etc etc – actually not one big NGO that keeps asking u guys for money- no accountability with these NGO’s- EK Read more

UPDATE-JANUARY 20, 2010 (Day 4) (Cont.)

EK is in the back of a truck with the Anderson Cooper CNN crew headed to a hospital to deliver supplies.


– we just set up 5th supply/water drop – Haitian’s r taking control – very organized and wanting to help themselves- they r sick of waiting- they r making lists of how many people, what the basic needs and organizing their neiborhoods-EK

-we r currently in transit to airport to pick up medical supplies to take to general hospital (HUEH) – I just left the hospital- they moved everyone outside in the sun because of today’s quake- when the sun goes down they r operating with flash lights- they need supplies !!! They r giving people asprin as a pain killers!- we will be at the hospital in 15mins to pick up supplies frm united plane that landed 20 mins ago medical supplies- we have not got clearance yet- will keep u posted- EK

UPDATE FROM THE FIELD-JANUARY 20, 2010- (Day 4) (Cont)

We just picked up MEDICAL supplies from Airline Ambassadors and are in the trucks now on our way to distribute with them now- working together we are saving lives!! thx, ek