Above is a blue print on the Art Wing/Photography Center we would like to build off the library. The center will be designed so that the children of Kagugu School may sell there artwork and photos on line through our CAN-DO Originals Dept. ALL money collected for sold the artwork will go directly back to the children and their families and portion will go into building more art centers throughout Rwanda. Our goal is to set them up with their own online store which will teach the entrepreneurial skills needed so they may eventually, with the proper guidance, run their business themselves independently. This will not only bring income into the families but will teach the children the values business.

We are returning to Rwanda and the Kagugu School Jan. 24th, 2008 for the opening of the Kagugu Library (which can be viewed live at and would like to have the funding by the time we arrive if not sooner so we can start construction of the art wing/photography center. This project can be implemented as soon as the funding becomes available and will be completed in one month. You will also be able to view the process from concept to completion by logging onto

Total cost- $15,000
Cost includes exterior/interior and supplies.

We are also looking for two computers and all in one printers so the children may upload photos and work on building their business directly out of the center.

In the future, if people would like to donate their time to go and and work with the children, for example, computer training, art, photography,and the basic teacher training that they will eventually need to get them started. We will also provide the children with a contact here in the states that they may refer to via email or online chat for any questions they may have. More information will be available on the project soon.

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