JOHN FAMICO 1916-2007

Below is a story we did on a barber shop built in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami in honor of my grandfather, John Famico…

he was the inspiration behind “Johnny’s”…


We would often take on individual projects… helping regenerate small businesses. In this case, we helped a father and son get back on their feet by rebuilding their shop and suppling them with all new equipment.

My brother, Kris, 1968…first haircut…30yrs later, 1998, his son Bailey’s first haircut.

Thanks to Arthur Resnick, the owner of Boston Beauty, for suppling this father and son with top of the line barber tools. I dedicated this barber shop to my grandfather, Johnny Famico. He was an “oldschool” barber for over 60years.

Born- March 6th, 1916 – December 9th, 2007
Thanks for being such an inspiration in my life…

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