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Author: Protasis

On September 30th CAN-DO will begin Project Bless A Child.

After the January 2010 earthquake, the Bless A Child Children’s Orphanage suffered structural damage, a decrease in support and an increase in orphans.

Located 15 miles outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti, Bless A Child is home to 30+ orphans. Jean Alexandre, founder of Bless A Child, works tirelessly and does the very best he can with extremely limited resources. The kids, ages 4-14, are happy with very little and have welcomed the additional orphans placed at Bless a Child with open arms. The feeling we got during our visits were that this orphanage operates very much like a family unit and that with some help from the CAN-DO Team and our donors we will be able to make a huge impact in the day to day quality of life for these children. Read more

Founder, Eric Klein meets with Haiti's new President

Founder, Eric Klein meets with Haiti's new President, Michel Martelly to discuss future projects -

Haitian President, Michel Martelly brings a new hope to Haiti by encouraging others to invest in Haiti’s future.

CAN-DO set to build Community Revitalization Center(CRC) in Jacmel

Contact us if you or your organization or community wants a CRC/Medical Clinic/School/Office/Storage Unit/Home etc. CAN-DO will set it up and document it for you within 72hours of completion on installation.

CAN-DO commercial runs in Times Square- Thanks to ANGEL donor! ;)

CAN-DO commercial runs in Times Square- Thanks to ANGEL donor! ;)

Ek/Clinton - Discuss Haiti community development project - CRC'S(Community Revitalization Center's)