CAN-DO’s over all goal is to design a model for RCR’s (Community Revitalization Center’s) not only throughout the Gulf Coast but around the world. This center will be designed to facilitate registered, non profit organizations under one roof and with one common goal- to work together efficiently and responsibly. Organizations working within the center would fall under one 501c3. Rather than donating millions of dollars to one specific organization they can donate to several groups under one umbrella organization, eliminating any doubt that donations are being used ineffectively. This will prove to be an effective plan because it will not only hold organizations accountable for the amount of funds collected but will also eliminate the “Red Tape” and careless spending.

After any natural disaster a major problem is the lack of communication between organizations. This not only slows down relief efforts but causes confusion amongst the victims, which is why organizations are there in the first place. Working under one connected system will allow organizations to share information as well as network through one another to avoid overlaps or duplication of relief efforts.

Our plan is to have CRC’s in place 48 to 72 hours after a natural disaster strikes. These centers will not only house the administrative side of things but will encompass all the necessary civil services as relief and reconstruction efforts progress into the future. Beyond civil services, these centers will be accessible to the public offering a medical facility with access to vaccinations and necessary counseling programs. Also included will be childcare, daycare, recreation center, library and a communication center where survivors can obtain useful information as well as internet access for registration purposes. This facility will be staffed with trained professionals to help with form registration as well as a on site free legal assistant. It will be safe and secure environment designed to accommodate and help those with temporary/long-term needs and more.

These centers are not only practical but necessary. A Community Revitalization Center will not only help to ensure that survivors receive the proper care and necessary tools to move on more efficiently and effectively but will also take pressure off the local, state and federal organizations as well. Keeping in mind that that this will have to be a combined effort from those who are willing to commit to a responsible, compassionate approach to a much needed solution.

Our proposal will be posted Wednesday, Oct 19th.


“God is trying to open people’s eyes, different

colors, different nations, different classes. He is

trying to show everyone that we are all supposed to

love each other. When Katrina came through he gave

everybody a taste of it. If we are not paying

attention we won’t learn anything…”

Ms. Cathy Batiste

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