Pam and Jessica, and The North Face staff…the letter below is dedicated to you..To let you know just how much your work and donation have made a significant difference to people’s lives…We thank you very much. The North Face should be proud of their staff. We would like to, especially, thank Jesica Rivers and Pamela Bennett, from The North Face, who were so kind in helping us coordinate and make this happen. Thank you for all your unsurpassing effort from day one.

Dear Eric,

Thank you sooo much for this shipment of camping gear. The tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks were incredible. What generosity on the part of Northface! We were in desperate need and you delivered. You should have seen the tears on the faces of those we serve. They were overtaken because by giving them the tents we were giving them a home. The sleeping bags made a difference to those who were left to sleep on the ground or on their concrete slabs. The backpacks have been given out with hygiene kits packed inside and to school kids who have lost their bookbags. Everyone is very blessed to recieve them. Thank you for all of your efforts and to your corporate sponsors who made this possible.

Of course, we are still in relief mode and would welcome any continued support. We know how much work is still left to be done and we wanted to comment on how your efforts are making a difference. Please remember you will always have friends in Slidell


Kim Duncan


Joy Fellowship Church CONTACT- Kim Dunkin 985 707 3331

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