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Don't waste money on products that won't kill mold

Advice for anyone dealing with mold * DO NOT waste your money on products that only disinfect but WILL NOT kill the actual mold spores. **BLEACH WILL NOT KILL MOLD on porous surfaces- i.e. wood, concrete etc** There are specific products you that WILL kill the mold such as Concrobium Mold Control, Mold X etc ** READ THE LABELS, EDUCATE YOUR NEIGHBORS** TRUST US: You want to do it right the first time- it will save home, your money and your health.


We’re getting a lot of calls about how to handle proper mold remediation post hurricane in Texas and Florida.  Click the FB post to download CAN-DO’s one-sheet with advice on what to do/not do and what products work best.  It’s important to do it right the first time or you’ll end up a greater financial burden — and health problems – down the road.  Contact our team directly with questions: INFO@CAN-DO.ORG

Hurricane Harvey: Update from Rose City

What a day! People are stepping up — trucks of supplies rolling in from all over the country and so are volunteers…. Iowa… Illinois… Jersey… and from all over Texas (and that was just today)! …And to the people of Texas: you guys are amazing. …man you really know how to take care of your own! Keep that love comin’ and thanks for all the help & support.

Hurricane Harvey: Update from Rose City

A lot of you have asked about “D” – the woman that CAN-DO helped in Rose City, TX last weekend after we were alerted she had been sleeping outside on a tarp since the storm. We’ve been in regular communication & continue to drop supplies. She’s hanging in there given the tough circumstances. Update on her & our Rose City operation in the video. Volunteers still needed to help at the distribution site/command center — contact us: INFO@CAN-DO.ORG  ? THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT.  #hurricaneharvey #accountability #noredtape #texasstrong

Hurricane Harvey: Update from Rose City distribution center

Update from Rose City -thanks to you guys, supplies are rolling in but we’re short on volunteers. Details in video. Best way to reach our CAN-DO.ORG team is by emailing us at: INFO@CAN-DO.ORG. Thank you!!! Please continue to share – it’s the ONLY way we’re going to get this done. ? #hurricaneharvey #noredtape #accountability #texasstrong