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Congrats to CAN-DO's Eric Klein on becoming a Spartan!

Dedication pays off! ¬†Huge shout out and congrats is in order of CAN-DO’s fearless founder/CEO Eric Klein on finishing his first Spartan Race! ¬†Congrats EK

Behind the Mask: Joseph Serna




CAN-DO has been closely monitoring the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal. We are coordinating with our local partners on the ground during this acute rescue phase of the global response. Sometimes being “the first one in” proves to be more of a photo-op than providing the aid and relief these survivors need.

Government officials tell us the roads are closed to many of the villages outside of the city that were impacted. The immediate focus right now is on search/rescue and medical relief. Our contacts in Kathmandu tell us the greatest need for distributing supplies and clean-up/rebuild will be in the weeks/months ahead.

The CAN-DO team always deploys when we know we can make the greatest impact and use resources efficiently. The survivors in Nepal have a long road ahead of them. We will continue to be on standby and keep you updated on our relief response in the weeks ahead.

– EK

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