This month over 300+ dogs being transported to NO-KILL shelters

This month, CAN-DO, along with Tripple R Rescue will be transporting over 300+ dogs out of the Gulf Coast to no kill shelters around the US….we need help with donations to carry this out… keeping with our philosophy we will document how every dime is spent and the results of your compassion…. a detailed budget plan on this project will be posted this week… if you can’t donate please just help us spread the word. We have been told that if we do not carry out this transport the dogs will be euthanized, we are not trying to be dramatic here but this is the reality of the situation and we need help.

Here is what is happening. The Gulf Coast SPCA/Tripple R Rescue comes down to the gulf to hit the shelters that they usually hit. But, when CAN-DO’s pet proposal and transporting became better known, We(CAN-DO) started getting calls from residents, some who have only a couple of dogs to some that have over 100 dogs that they have been caring for since after the storm. The call out that we are hearing is that they can’t physically and or financially care for these animals much longer. They can’t take them to the humane society or any other sheltering group because they are maxed out and chances are they will be put to sleep. The idea is to releave the burden from the shelters and the resident(s) who are harboring these animals before they are financially and mentally broke. You have 6 strays that you care for, now imagine that you have 15 strays that you are feeding everyday and your next door neighbor has another 20, this is just an example. We get at least 8 calls everyday about where to take these animals. We are tired of having to put them off. WE have the solution and we need help to put it into action.

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