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After living and working in these small villages among these amazing people I can honestly tell you that not enough is being done by the government, the NGO?s or to make a difference. With just $50,000 dollars CAN-DO has rehabilitated several villages, a hospital, built a community well, cleared over a one mile strip of coastline, cleared several cesspools, jump-started several small businesses, and restored the lives of hundreds in less than three months. Read more


CAN-DO would like to thank everybody who has supported us and continue to help us grow. We also appreciate your patience. It was a lot work and we hope we made it worth the wait…The site is still being updating and will soon offer video documentation.
We will continue with on-going relief efforts and will strive to provide you with straight forward documentation.

CAN-DO would also be more than happy to combine forces with any other honest- straight forward organizations that would be willing to work together to rehabilite Sri Lanka- one village at a time…

Thanks again! ek


We arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka February 7th, 2005. After speaking with a bellman from our hotel and listening to his story of his village, Mahamodara, we decided to start there. He explained how the AID had yet to reach his village or the region for that matter. As we drove along the coast, making our way to Mahamodara, we witnessed the destruction first hand. We made it a point to stop off at random villages recording there stories and trying to get some insight into what kind of AID, they were receiving. It was tough to see how hard these people were suffering with no real solution in site. The stories and destruction worsened the closer we got to our destination. Once we arrived we surveyed the area and went to work.

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