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100% Accountability - ZERO RED TAPE



As we reach deeper into communities with relief supplies and set up
distribution sites it is hard to overcome our frustration. Americans
have become refugees in their own towns. People are suffering due to the lack of communication, as well as the cold weather.
With the uplifting support of the folks at The North Face, we remain
positive and work in conjunction with many agencies and organizations to
effectively obtain the resources we need to accomplish our goals
on the ground. CAN-DO’s main focus includes: Read more


We apologize that it’s taken some time to get an update posted…CAN-Do is on the ground across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. We continue to network with fellow aid groups whom share our goal of of revitalizing these crippled communities. In addition we seek to bring important issues to the attention of the media. Read more

HURRICANE STATS... as of Oct. 18th

600,000 survivors still held up in Hotels….450,000 still in shelters….500,000 living in condemned or uninhabitable homes…..



CAN-DO’s over all goal is to design a model for RCR’s (Community Revitalization Center’s) not only throughout the Gulf Coast but around the world. This center will be designed to facilitate registered, non profit organizations under one roof and with one common goal- to work together efficiently and responsibly. Organizations working within the center would fall under one 501c3. Rather than donating millions of dollars to one specific organization they can donate to several groups under one umbrella organization, eliminating any doubt that donations are being used ineffectively. This will prove to be an effective plan because it will not only hold organizations accountable for the amount of funds collected but will also eliminate the “Red Tape” and careless spending. Read more


Pam and Jessica, and The North Face staff…the letter below is dedicated to you..To let you know just how much your work and donation have made a significant difference to people’s lives…We thank you very much. The North Face should be proud of their staff. We would like to, especially, thank Jesica Rivers and Pamela Bennett, from The North Face, who were so kind in helping us coordinate and make this happen. Thank you for all your unsurpassing effort from day one. Read more