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CAN-DO installs classrooms at Croix Des Bouquet

2 classrooms up- 1100sq+ ft – installed in less than 1 hour- not too bad!   These kids will be back in school by Monday- Thx u to our donors for making this happen! 😉 EK Read more


Don’t foget! Eric Klein, Founder of CAN-DO, on CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, MD this Saturday and Sunday at 7:30am est and 2:30pm est!

CNN - Why Aid Workers Refuse to Give Up

CNN - Why Aid Workers Refuse to Give Up

This was posted to CNN on Janauary 12th. Click this link to read the full story: … ers.haiti/

CAN-DO Installs Med Clinic

CAN-DO Installs Med Clinic

CAN-DO installs Med Clinic for “We Advance”, an amazing organization working out here in Haiti!

Eric and CAN-DO on BBC OnePlanet

BBC, OnePlanet, Phone Interview (Radio program): Aid anger in Haiti: Eric joins the program at the 4:14 -7:30 mark and again at the 9:35 -12:26 mark. … ng_on_food