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Folsom. LA Crew brings toys to families in Pratt City

Folsom. LA Crew brings toys to families in Pratt City, AL affected by this years tornados-

SO proud of our Folsom, LA Crew – Today they dropped off 300 new toys to David Miller in Pratt City Alabama. This Christmas, these toys will go those families affected by this year tornados. Thank you – Felicia & Alexander Stallard, Cole, Jonathan, Natalie, Justin, Ben & and Alexander’s buddy- Also, thanks to Jeanne for helping wrap everything! Nice work!! 😉 … 2011-10-25


) CAN-DO, Folsom LA, crew heads back to Birmingham, AL

CAN-DO, Folsom LA, crew heads back to Birmingham, AL

CAN-DO’s Folsom, LA crew heading to Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow to deliver toys to families effected by this years tornado- Thanks Felicia Stallard and CAN-DO South East Division for making this happen!! Check out David Miller’s story tonight on Weather Channel’s “Epic Christmas-Alabama” Weather CH link to story ( … 2011-10-25 ) – thanks! ek

Images from another GREAT day!!

We are making AMAZING progress!! Tomorrow is a BIG day…we start drilling for water… also, we hope to finish the interior and exterior, the bathrooms, showers, security walls, elect and start painting, the kids room, kitchen, backside exterior, fan(s) installation and the garden…. and as always we will have activities for the kids throughout the day. Thank you to our friends in Sweden…we couldn’t be doing this without you!! We’ll keep you posted! 😉 Read more

Here we go!

We are on day 3day- making some great progress! Half way through the exterior. Tomorrow we start on the interior, the well, the electrical, the garden the bathrooms and the shower- we will keep you posted!! Thank you!! Read more

On September 30th CAN-DO will begin Project Bless A Child.

After the January 2010 earthquake, the Bless A Child Children’s Orphanage suffered structural damage, a decrease in support and an increase in orphans.

Located 15 miles outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti, Bless A Child is home to 30+ orphans. Jean Alexandre, founder of Bless A Child, works tirelessly and does the very best he can with extremely limited resources. The kids, ages 4-14, are happy with very little and have welcomed the additional orphans placed at Bless a Child with open arms. The feeling we got during our visits were that this orphanage operates very much like a family unit and that with some help from the CAN-DO Team and our donors we will be able to make a huge impact in the day to day quality of life for these children. Read more